DISCLAIMER: Submission of your claim does not commit your insurance company or its affiliates and agents to coverage for any loss. All information submitted regarding your insurance policy and any loss is subject to review and verification. Continental Western Group, LLC and its affiliates reserve the right to request additional information prior to reaching a decision on the claim. All policy provisions in your policy remain in effect, and nothing contained in this website may be construed as waiving any of the terms and conditions of your policy.

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How Does the Claims Process Work?

CWG works with you throughout the entire claims process. Once a claim is reported, you will quickly hear from an assigned claim representative. We'll do our best to explain the process and to assist you in resolving the claim. When a claim is reported, we’ll contact you and ask some initial questions about your claim. We recommend that you have your policy number ready when you report your claim and write down your claim number when you receive it - doing so will help the entire process move more quickly and easily for you.
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What Will the Claim Representative Do for You?

  • Provide you with an overview of the claim process.
  • Answer your questions.
  • Provide you with any forms or guidance you might need.
  • Describe the coverage(s) that may apply to your claim.
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What Should I Do Following a Loss?

  • Make sure your family, employees or others involved are safe and out of danger.
  • Seek any necessary emergency services by calling 911.
  • If appropriate, request that a law enforcement officer come to the scene to make a report. Cooperate with the officer who arrives.
    • Collect information about other parties that may have been involved in the accident or loss
    • Description of the damages
    • Vehicles involved
    • Names and addresses of those involved
    • Preserve any evidence
  • Identify any witnesses that may have seen what happened. Secure phone numbers and addresses so that we may contact them.
  • Protect your property from further loss or damage by making reasonable temporary repairs. Keep a record of any necessary temporary repair costs.
  • Even if you feel some items may be damaged beyond repair, don't dispose of them until your CWG claims representative has examined them.
  • Move undamaged items to a safe and secure area on the premises if necessary.
  • Contact your agent or call CWG at (866) 232-6724.
  • Let us know how we can reach you. If your home or business is uninhabitable, tell us where you'll be staying.
  • If your property has been damaged or stolen, provide us with a list and details of the property:
    • Brand name
    • Model number
    • Age of the item
    • Place of original purchase and approximate date
    • Purchase price
    • Cost to replace today
  • If you receive a lawsuit or legal papers related to a claim, previously reported to CWG or not, immediately contact your agent and/or CWG at (866) 232-6724.
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How Long Does the Claim process Take?

That depends on the type of claim you have and what is involved in bringing it to resolution. It's a question that you should ask your claim representative. Some claims can be resolved within days but others can take quite a bit longer. By working with us, you can keep the process moving so that it's resolved as soon as possible. What if I forget who is handling my claim or have other questions? Just call your agent or (866) 232-6724 and ask for “Claims.”
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What If I Can't Drive My Vehicle?

Tell us when you report the claim, or tell the assigned claim representative as soon as you know, so we can work with you on arranging temporary transportation. You may have coverage for temporary transportation. Be sure to ask your claim representative.
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What If I Need Temporary Arrangements For My Business?

Depending on your specific policy, coverage for above-normal expenses that are necessary to minimize your business loss may be reimbursable. Your claim representative will help you through this process.
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What If I Have Other Questions?

Call us! We're available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week....(866) 232-6724.
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