Workers’ Compensation pays the cost of medical care, lost wages, and other benefits for employees injured in the course and scope of employment, as specified by state law.

CWG is proud to bring a unique approach to workers’ compensation. Through our award-winning Workers Recovery Unit and a specialized Return To Work Program, we are here to bring a personalized experience to every workers’ compensation claim.

It is important to have an insurance carrier with dedicated specialists ready to work with you and your employee to help obtain the right care so they can return to work quickly.

Workers’ Recovery Unit

The CWG Workers’ Recovery Unit makes good things happen for injured workers through accountability authenticity and transparency.

Return To Work Program

Through CWG’s Return To Work Program, we work with the injured worker to understand their recovery needs and help them through the process of healing – getting back to work faster and reducing your workers’ compensation costs.

Make your First Call MedCall

CWG provides MedCall, a free medical call center as a first response when an accident happens. MedCall connects you directly with an emergency medicine physician, who can help assess the injury and provide details for next steps and treatment.

Pay-As-You-Go Billing Solutions with SmartPay

A more convenient way to pay your Worker’s Compensation Premium

CWG provides qualified workers’ compensation insurance customers a flexible payment option: Pay-as-you-go with SmartPay Solutions. CWG has partnered with SmartPay Solutions, a leader in pay-as-you-go solutions, to bring you improved flexibility in how you pay your premium. SmartPay secure web service will allow you to pay your workers’ compensation premium on your payroll cycle and based on your actual payroll, so the premium paid more accurately reflects your business activity. Insert graphic leading to Smartpay info.

* This is not a statement of contract and does not constitute a binder of insurance. Any coverage advertised herein is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. For convenience, Continental Western Group is providing to its policyholders access to MedCall for medical assistance/information, but Berkley Industrial Comp does not endorse the use of MedCall or the information, products, or services (including, but not limited to, the appropriateness or suitability of any diagnosis, course of treatment or medical advice) provided by or accessible through MedCall. Access and use of MedCall, including the information, products, and services on or available through MedCall, is solely at your own risk, and Continental Western Group makes no representations or warranties, express, statutory, or implied, with respect thereto. Continental Western Group is not responsible or liable for any damage or loss caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, under any theory of law, by or as a result of the use of or reliance on any information, products or services accessible from MedCall. CONTINENTAL WESTERN GROUP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE NOR LIABLE FOR ANY ADVICE, COURSE OF TREATMENT, DIAGNOSIS OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION, PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT YOU OBTAIN FROM MEDCALL.

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